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Citibank 網上及流動理財為您打破轉賬界限: 方便容易 – 有對方的手機號碼 / 電郵地址 / 快速支付系統識別碼 1 即可直接轉賬 24/7即時*跨行轉賬,手續費全免 – 進行港元或人民幣轉賬,費用全免 2。款項即時存入任何本地銀行戶口

Citi Hong Kong provides a range of banking products for business and personal needs, which includes credit cards, loans, investments, wealth management & insurance. To know more about different products & online banking services by Citi Hong Kong, click here.

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[Market-First]Citibank Global Wallet Citibank Global Wallet frees you from queuing for foreign currencies and worrying about currency conversion charges for your trip! Available to all Citi clients with Citibank Debit Mastercard or Citibank Cirrus ® ATM Card, plus:

歡迎使用Citibank 網上理財服務,您可輕鬆使用網上平台進行投資賣買﹑轉帳﹑繳費及查看電子月結單等等服務。 登入Citibank網上理財 登入Citibank網上理財 賬戶概覽/主頁

Using Citi Hong Kong, you can create a new User ID and Password to login to Citibank Online and Citi Mobile. Visit our website today to Create a New Account.

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any other FPS Participant (as defined in Clause 4) or the respective affiliates or group companies, or I am subject or am expected to comply with from time to time. 4. HKICL Addressing Service a. You may offer FPS Services in relation to the HKICL b.

A fast and easy way to make real-time money transfers and P2P payments Faster Payment System (FPS) offers you a free instant platform for real-time interbank fund transfers and person-to-person (P2P) payments . All you need is a mobile number, email address

無需要登記成為「預設收款賬戶」照樣可以用該銀行嘅FPS服務 電話號碼 及 電郵 (與銀行登記的相乎)可以分開出2個預設收款賬戶,換句說話正路你應該食到兩間銀行嘅FPS 「預設收款賬戶」welcome offer FPS個制係邊到按?

Established on 1 October 2001, Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited (referred to as Bank of China (Hong Kong) or BOCHK) is a locally incorporated licensed bank. Bank of China (Hong Kong) is a leading listed commercial banking group in Hong Kong in terms of

With the FPS offering a direct bank transfer through a QR code, online merchants will be able to offer an instant payment option for consumer convenience and without processing delays for merchants. Merchants should consider how integrating this mobile-friendly payment option can be woven into their existing online and offline customer checkout flow.

From now until 31 October 2019, place your Time Deposit online to enjoy exclusive cash rewards and preferential interest rates. Transfer funds via Faster Payment System, complete foreign currency exchange transaction and place your online Time Deposit via DBS

With the FPS offering a direct bank transfer through a QR code, online merchants will be able to offer an instant payment option for consumer convenience and without processing delays for merchants. Merchants should consider how integrating this mobile-friendly payment option can be woven into their existing online and offline customer checkout flow.

We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. By continuing to browse this site, you give consent for cookies to be used. One simple and flexible solution to consolidate all your outstanding credit card and loan balances to a single


Welcome offer Apply online to get up to $900 RewardCash, including: – Up to $800 RewardCash, and – $100 RewardCash “Pay with RC” Reward More benefits Enjoy airport lounge access privilege (up to 3 visits)* Buy 1 get 1 free movie tickets on Fridays and

There is no charge from us if you pay money to, or receive money from accounts from other banks via FPS, but other banks may have different charging policies. 2019 HSBC x FPS Grand Lucky Draw offer Promotional Terms and Conditions apply. 2019 HSBC x


金融管理局於 9 月 30 日正式推出跨銀行、跨平台的快速支付系統 (Faster Payment System,FPS),即「轉數快」。 FPS 讓不同銀行、電子支付系統帳戶即時轉賬的結算平台。 滙豐 HSBC 中銀香港 BOCHK 恒生 HSB 星展 DBS 東亞 BEA 建行 CCB 工銀亞洲



You can pay your gas bill by e-Cheque by using “e-Cheque Bill Payment” service at BOC’s website ( or mobile app. Please key in your Towngas account number and upload the file of e-Cheque made payable to “The Hong Kong and China Gas”.

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Offer you the ability to maximise your interest returns by taking advantages of movements in the currency market. Investment Fund Complete “FPS Addressing Service” for free to bind your bank deposit account / credit card to your mobile phone number and

Unless specified otherwise, customers must settle payment with Hang Seng Credit Cards, Affinity Cards or Spending Cards. Use of Cash Dollars is subject to the terms and conditions of Hang Seng Credit Card Membership Rewards Programme. For details, please


Hang Seng Bank wishes to remind customers to remain vigilant in safeguarding their banking credentials such as Credit Card number, One-Time Password (OTP) during the online payments and other sensitive account information and not to disclose any such

The above information does not constitute investment advice, or an offer to sell, or a solicitation of an offer to buy any security, investment product or service nor a

To meet your financial needs, Hang Seng Bank is committed to providing you with one-stop online banking service – Hang Seng Personal e-Banking. Investors should note that all investment involves risks. Prices of Investment products may go up as well as down

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請閱讀 滙豐個人網上理財 和 滙豐電子結單及電子通知書服務 的條款及細則,如果您接受這些條款,請按「我已閱讀並接受有關條款及細則」。這樣同時亦會為您登記電子結單及電子通知書,讓您可在網上一次過管理所有戶口 2。

CitiBank: 花旗銀行 4019713914985 Merchant Name: Cox Brothers Electrical Co. Ltd *We offer payment terms for all Hospitals, School and Charity Organization, please contact us at 2396 0166 and speak with one of our representatives. 歡迎政府部門, 醫院

HSBC滙豐推出P2P支付手機電子轉賬應用程式PayMe,轉賬只需手機按個制,隨時隨地都可以過數。除了方便一大班朋友食飯夾錢外,還可以透過增值儲信用卡積分同回贈,0成本每年送程台灣之旅畀你!玩法一點都不複雜, 幫你拆解PayMe

金管局剛推出「轉數快」快速支付系統 (FPS),支援不同銀行和不同電子支付系統間的小額轉賬。只要有對方的手提電話號碼,即可快速付款,毋須任何手續費!各大銀行亦紛紛推出不同綁定優惠, 為大家介紹這個新跨行跨平台轉賬系統,集合

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Check last logon date and time to identify fraudulent access Report discrepancies or accidental disclosure of sensitive information on 2822-0228 Other information about our e-Banking Information on the use of cookies in our e-Banking About our two-factor

轉數快 FPS 智能手機應用程式 恒 生 HSBCNet e-IPO 服 務 e-市 場 快 訊 e-MPF 網 上 物 業 估 值 電 子 支 票 服 務 個人理財 私 人 銀 行 優 越 尊 尚 理 財 優 越 理 財

用嚟俾結婚擺酒既簽賬就啱晒。就算無大錢洗都唔緊要,因為迎新頭兩個月內首1,000有$0.2= 1里同埋其後HK$7,500有$0.5=1里呢個offer!今個月最新嘅offer,新客開呢張卡開埋online banking登入一次渣打會有$100現金回贈俾你!

啊!10月31日經小斯申請Citi PremierMiles信用卡新客戶繼續都有$400 coupon送呀!佢個迎新仲要係0成本就賺到$800惠康,年薪要求亦只係24萬!2019年10月31日或之前透過小斯申請,新客戶唔使簽都有$400!而迎新要求係首2個月內要簽夠$10,000,因為 Payme /

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HK$600 Online Time Deposit First Time Placement Cash Reward Place time deposit of at least HK$50,000 through DBS iBanking / DBS digibank / DBS iWealth Online Time Deposit Promotional Rates Complete any foreign currency exchange transaction* for

今日,SmartSaver 為大家推介「全城最好」的滙豐信用卡獎賞計劃,只要巧妙地登記「最紅奬賞」,日常簽賬能賺取合共HK$5,200的額外「奬賞錢」回贈。